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  • Anyone attending the club will be deemed to have read and agreed to the Coronavirus Disclaimer Below.

Use of club facilities/coronavirus waiver

Kings Bowls Club (“the Club”) has implemented a number of measures to help manage the risks relating to COVID-19. At all times the Club will follow guidance issued by the UK Government, Bowls England or any appropriate body and will prioritise member safety accordingly. However, members access the Club at their own risk and, to the extent permissible by law, the Club shall not be responsible if members (and/or members of their family), become unwell, incur any losses or expenses or similar as a result of participating in Club activities, whether arising directly or indirectly and before, during or after use of Club facilities. This limit on liability does not apply in the case of death or if the Club has acted negligently. Members are voluntarily accessing Club facilities and in doing so are agreeing to be bound by the text of this waiver. Attending the Club could increase the risk of contracting COVID-19. Members must follow guidance issued by the Club (in any form, howsoever communicated) at all times ensuring they act reasonably and adhere to any preventative measures in force (and such measure may be amended from time to time).





THE GREEN WILL OPEN FROM MONDAY 29th JUNE for practice and rollups

Contact Bryan Littlefield Mobile 07500 956770

Rinks will only be available by booking online or by phone to Bryan Littlefield.

All bookings will be on a first come first served basis, and if demand is high we will try to

ensure everyone gets a fair share of Green use.

No more than 6 people per rink & no spectators will be allowed.

There will be no charge for any session.

The 30 minute gap between sessions is to allow for people leaving and to maintain social


The session times are every day except Wednesday

(10.00am – 12.00pm)   (12.30pm – 2.30pm)     (3.00pm – 5.00pm)     (5.30pm – 7.30pm)

End of Play Checklist

1. Replace electric fence

2. Replace jacks and mats in ditch (club house end)

3. Sanitise anything that you have touched and/or used during your session BEFORE you leave eg:

  • Equipment – mats, jacks & pushers
  • Electric fence connections
  • Shed handles, locks & keys
  • Bench arms
  • Entry & Exit gate padlocks and mechanisms

4. Lock entry & exit gates

5. Take ALL rubbish, including used wipes, home with you


The following Rules MUST be adhered to at all times:

1. The Current Social Distancing Rules (the Government’s instructions) MUST be observed at all times.

2. You MUST observe the rules of play and comply with the checklist at the end of the session. These have been circulated and are posted around the ground.

3. All participants MUST bring along their own sanitiser & wipes.

4. All participants MUST NOT arrive at the green more than 10 mins before their booked session and MUST wait outside the gate if people are still on the green or on the grounds.

5. The gate nearest Ivor Grove should be used for entry and the gate nearest to the STC clubhouse for exit.

6. All participants should arrive dressed ready to play, as you may NOT use the changing rooms. Please change your footwear outside the club house. Normal dress code MUST be followed.

7. All participants MUST sanitise their hands before the start of play and at the end of the session before leaving the green.

8. The Electric fence is to be opened only in the direction of play.

9. Jacks and Mats should be already out. At end of play jacks and mats should be left in the ditch (club house end). Scoreboards and other equipment (apart from pushers) MUST not be used.

10. If you wish to use a score card please bring your own.

11. Pushers may be used – two per rink. They can be found in the usual shed. Only one person at each end should handle them and they are then responsible for putting them away & sanitising them after use. The lock/combination bolt & mechanism MUST be sanitised after they are returned to the shed.

12. Only one person is allowed to place or move the mats which should be placed 3 metres from each end and left there for the duration of play. One other person should place or move the jacks (one at each end). All Jacks and Mats MUST be sanitised between each session & returned to the ditch (club house end).

13. Toilets are available in STC clubhouse if absolutely necessary but try not to use them. The key can be found in the equipment shed. You MUST sanitise everything you have touched and/or used thoroughly, lock the STC clubhouse and return the key to the correct location.

14. The Club House may NOT be used for any purpose including hand washing.

15. The First Aid box can be found in the plastic box outside the clubhouse. If First Aid is used a report MUST be made in the Accident Book which is also in the box.

16. Any refreshment items brought to the green MUST be taken home at the end of the session, along with any rubbish, including wipes etc.

17. Anyone showing any signs of illness during a session should leave the green ASAP.

18. If any unforeseen circumstances arise and the green is closed for emergency maintenance, all sessions booked for that period will be cancelled & people notified.

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